Top 5 Hip Opening Yoga Poses Vashistha Yoga

Sit in sukhasan and was several breath here come into kneeling position step your right leg forward make you knee and ankle align place both hands on the front knee and lift your chest to come into a gender backbend, if comfort inhale and raise your hands and stayed three to five breath here keep your breath relaxed and engage your core and lower belly come back and repeat other side this time left leg step forward make your toes pointed place hands on knee and gentle back pan then inhale and raise your hand feel the stretch on outer thigh of right leg slowly come back now place bumps on the mat and lift your hip up into atomic Asanas on exhale press your shoulder leg straight inhale lift your right leg while exhale place your knee between farms left leg stretch back toes pointed while exit fold also over your right thigh he stayed in 2:15 breath here Raj Kapoor tossin variation come back into a hummock Asana son and repeat Raj Kapoor thousand variation other side inhale lift your left leg while AG sail bend your knee and place your knee between your palms stretch your right leg back toes pointed while exhale fold torso over your left thigh make your shoulder relax, if you feel comfort move your left scene forward until it’s parallel to the front is of your mat with square heaves port forward over left high and stay come back into Adamic Asanas on banned your knee and sit in waitress on now inhale bend your knees and place your soles of your feet together exhale.

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And let your legs drop out like butterfly wings inhale in during inhale. And then your spine while exhale fold forward into. But the kon Asana keep your spine straight stay five to ten breath here keep your eyes closed. And just be alert and more relaxed your breath slowly come back now from. But the corner ass and position open your legs wide flex your feet and engage the legs inhale walk hand forwards and lengthening the torso while lowering it it comfort band elbows and place forearms on the floor stay whew great here keep your leg engage, if you can grab your feet or complete stretch your hand and bend forward more your torso forward more you engage your leg stay five to eight breath and slowly come back now come into the line position on your back band your knees towards your chest and get your big toes now bring your knees wide and more than your torso and let them be pushed to your underarms your thighs should be brought in towards your body, if they find to a tread in an unbalanced an or happy baby pose just feel the stretch and make your braid comfort more even slowly come back and be ready for final sava son bring your feet little apart. And your both hands side to your body palms towards the sky keep your spine and neck aligned each and every position should be comfort and more relaxed now sir your breath in him while acts a surrender your whole body weight to gravity this surrendering no just send message to your body and mind try x3 lay relax now just watch you body relax my right leg relax my left leg this watch and feed relax hip relaxed entire back muscles is fine relax shoulder blades relax Nick chaste abdominal writing like a pelvis phase complete relax.

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