Top 5 Best Restorative Yoga Poses

Body Flow Yoga is simple and non-pretentious; classes are with experienced teachers and include the popular aerial yoga practiced in hammocklike ‘silks’ strung from the ceiling (in Savasana you’ll feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon). Windows adorn three walls of the yoga space in the old, revamped building. Australian Yoga Academy hosts some of the most popular teacher trainings in Victoria and teachers at their three studios (in Prahran, Northcote and Sedan) are highly respected. KX Yoga is a refuge within the hustle and bustle. It’s friendly and inclusive and classes range from sweaty vinyasa to chilled out yin.

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Ihana Yoga in St Kilda and Hampton came highly recommended by my yogi friends, and teachers here are known for their anatomical knowledge. Humming Puppy is the most unique yoga studio I’ve ever visited. Walking into this dimly lit space feels like entering a prestigious club. At reception you’re greeted with herbal tea or coconut water to enjoy while flicking through a GQ-style magazine or just looking kind of important. HP has found its niche among Melbourne city slickers. The shala is futuristic with its black walls and three levels of yoga mats. Make your way to your numbered mat and practice while enjoying the ‘hum’ through surround sound speakers a combination of frequencies to deepen your experience, leaving you undeniably more relaxed than when you arrived.
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