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Top 10 yoga poses on In other words, the self made of bliss (anandamaya) is the true self and the source of the cosmos. In this model the spiritual journey is understood not as an ascent from the muladhara cakra at the base of the spine to the sahasrara at the top of the head but as a movement within, each stage being characterized by an awareness of a more subtle aspect of an individual s nature. Just as the experience of the bliss of union when Sakti reunites with Siva in the sahasrara is the same for all, so too is the experience of the self made of bliss (anandamaya atman). This inner movement is concretized in the series of walled enclosures through which the worshipper has to pass en route to the heart (garbha grha) of the dravida temple. The most notable of the vdrya sadhanas is the cakra puja. The cakra puja is performed in a circle (cakra) of worshippers, normally an equal number of men and women, which reflects the fundamental polarity of existence. This ritual centres on the partaking of five things that are normally regarded as detrimental to the spiritual life: 1. Top 10 yoga poses 2016.

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