Tittibhasana Yoga Pose

Thus the experience of discreteness and differentiation melts and is transformed into one of unity. Tittibhasana Yoga Pose 1 The level of &imbhu is like an ocean of nectar, full of infinite bliss, from which surge the massive currents of the play of Yoga Sakti, assuming the form of the waves of differences and shapes, thereby revealing the supreme consciousness in gradual steps as the equilibrium of nara the individual, Yoga Sakti and Siva. This is the essence of the power of the great mantra which is experienced by the spiritual adept, and which after his direct vision of the great unity, has the potential of obliterating the experience of all diversity.

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The nature of this unity has been conveyed, taking inspiration from the Agamas, in the following verse through the explication of the unity of the three eggs symbolising the three levels in creation, which are the gross physical level, the subtle level of prakrti, and the most subtle level of maya. Thus by the power of meditation on unity, the trinity of prthivi earth, prakrti and maya that had revealed itself in objective form, becomes reduced to simple being.

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