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Tips yoga on 60 Similar attitudes can be discerned with regard to the unity of the text. Dasgupta and Pandey regard61 it as unitary whereas Nakamura62 and Mayeda63 regard it as composite, having been expanded over some 700 years. By far the most detailed and convincing studies of these is that of Nakamura. In addition to demonstrating the composite nature of the Brahmasutra, and its compilation over a considerable period of time,64 he shows that it was probably a product of schools of the Samaveda which had a particular association with the Chandogya Upanisad. He suggests that in the first phase of their activities synopses of Upanisadic teaching were attempted which centred on the Chandogya Upanisad and followed its arrangement of topics. Next came a process of enlargement, which incorporated other schools first phase activities and, thirdly, came a final revision which included refutations of the views of schools other than the Vedanta. Thus, whilst in the later period the Brahmasutra was a text subscribed to by Vedantins from all Vedic schools it emerged out of a partisan activity which is still evident in the final recension. Tips yoga 2016.

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