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Tips on how to be healthy on 43 However, such an approach is highly problematic. In the first place, many Mahasanghika teachings do not square with what we know about the Mahayana. For example, the Gokulikas (a Mahasanghika sub-sect) held that only the Abhidharma was the true message of the Buddha, yet Mahayanists relied on their own sutra collections as primary sources of the Buddha s teachings and did not even possess an Abhidharma until well into the first millennium ce. Secondly, no Sravakayana text mentions the Mahayana by name and none of the Mahayana Sutras mention any Hmayana/Sravakayana schools or sub-sects. They only use the all-embracing term Hinayana. Another reason why scholars have linked the Mahayana with the Mahasanghikas is that the latter tended to give prominence to the role of the laity and a number of Mahayana texts suggest that SOME IMPORTANT MAHAYANA SUTRAS Prajnaparamita Sutras (Perfection of Wisdom Sutras). The main ones are: 1. Tips on how to be healthy 2016.

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