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Tips healthy lifestyle on W. Hopkins places the entire Santi Parvan in what he calls the psuedo-epic, that which has been added on to the original heroic story.22 As was noted above, about three-quarters of the epic falls into this category, which modern scholars generally agree to be the work of the brahman clan of Bhrgu. A prominent feature of Bhrgu redaction is that they do not simply add new material to the epic core, they also rework that material to make it conform to the message they wanted to propagate. With regard to yoga, I take this to be assimilating it into a Veda-compatible world view. One consequence of this reworking is that the expositions of the different philosophical views become incoherent and often impenetrable. As Hopkins comments, Either the text is rewritten and interpolated or it is allowed to stand and another section is prefixed or added of the same content differently treated/23 As a result, even short passages can contain contradictory statements. Tips healthy lifestyle 2016.

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