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Tips health on THE YOGA UPANISADS The Yoga Upanisads and, indeed, other minor Upanisads present us with a current of Vedantic thought and practice that differs con- siderably from those developed by the mainstream theologians who based their teachings on the prasthanatraya. Contra Sankara, they claim that yoga is a means to the highest goal. Contra the devotionalists, they advocate the practice of meditation and the cultivation of a thoroughgoing attitude of indifference to all things of the world, though, it should be said, this is often tempered with a typically tantric and Saivite claim that ultimately emancipation depends on the grace of the guru. Many of them also reinstate prana as a key cosmological and physiological concept that lies at the heart of the quest for emancipation.91 There are two collections of yoga upanisads available in English translation: one from V.M. Bedekar and G. Tips health 2016.

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