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Tips for yoga on The silence beyond sound is the highest place. Again, using the om-sound in conjunction with control of the prana, the yogin should meditate in order to see the divinity hidden within, and then, with the bindu (= anusvara), draw the manas from the heart to the forehead, where dwells the atman. This last would seem to be a new teaching as earlier Upanisads tend to locate the atman, often called inner-controller (antaryamin), in the secret place of the heart. Tejobindu (D – 14 verses; A – 6 chapters of 51, 41, 59, 81, 105 and 107 verses respectively) The highest meditation is difficult to achieve, even for renunciants, for it involves abandoning greed, anger, lust, attachment, egoity, fear, pride, sin, delusion, love and pride in descent. By means of such abandonment the yogin attains Brahman, the highest goal of all endeavour. Essentially, liberation through the cultivation of detachment or indifference (vairagya). Yogasikha (D – 10 verses; A – 6 chapters of 178, 22, 25, 24, 62 and 79 verses respectively) This text advocates the adoption of the lotus posture (padmasana) and, with controlled mind (manas), meditation on om in the heart. Tips for yoga 2016.

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