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Tips for healthy diet on Ramanuja is committed to the eternality of souls and the universe because that is what is found in the Bhagavad Gita (because the Gita works with a modified Samkhya ontology that incorporates a god and is monistic). Although both Nimbarka s and Bhaskara s systems are described as bhedabheda there is a subtle difference between them. In Nimbarka s view difference-non-dif-ference applies to the relationship between brahman and souls (jiva) in both bondage and liberation. For Bhaskara, on the other hand, it only applies in bondage. At liberation, jdva and brahman become absolutely identical.86 The primary reason for this difference is probably that, in the manner of most devotees, Nimbarka wished to maintain a difference between the being who is worshipped and the being who does the worshipping. As is so often the case in religious philosophies, matters of temperament and practice influence ontology more than ontology influences temperament and practice, which, of course, calls the truth status of these ontologies into question. Tips for healthy diet 2016.

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