Tips for Establishing and Maintaining Hip Neutrality

Welcome to another session of the room yoga today I’d like to talk about hip neutrality the balance of tailbone from pubic bone finding the place where we’re in balance. So that the spine can grow me with up from our hips.

Tips for Establishing and Maintaining Hip Neutrality Photo Gallery

So It sideways when our tail bone is sticking out creates a lot of lower back tension for some of us this is actually a normal way of standing. And it feels comfortable though in the long run it will create some back problems the other way is when the tailbone is completely cooked. And the pubic bone is sticking forward. And this creates a different kind of a problem especially you can see what happens in my shoulders the next would I do that, if you want to find the place where the tail bone of the pubic bone are happy and happy medium. So I take my fingers and place them on my tail bone as well as my pubic bone and I’ll try to play around moving my toe way out moving my pubic bone way forward that forward and up repeat signs of this we’re trying to find the place where it feels neutral where I can actually feel that my hands are about the same height and from that place Rotom this is pretty much where I would like my hips to be it’s somewhat ok to find it when you stand.

And then maintaining it when we walk is a little harder it gets even harder to maintain it as we take the arms over the head or in other poses for example warrior 1, if I’m trying to make again the tendency is to stick the tailbone too far out and I want to keep it down the same goes for or you’re I’ll show you my back it’s a little easier sometimes to stick the tailbone out. And we want to really work on keeping the tailbone tucked under hello now so try to practice throughout the practice of different poses the place where the tailbone is in neutral position with the pubic bone. So you can find that good steady base as we go up the spine and check in further posts where we can find the neutrality of the chest and back this will be a great foundation in neutrality thanks again.

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