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Tips for a healthy lifestyle on Hatha yoga is rarely promoted in his teachings, though many of his Western disciples are, in fact, practising yoga teachers.57 Where Sivananda channelled his service through medical work Omkarananda emphasizes community education. For the Bihar school The most important karma yoga for the karma sannyasin is teaching yoga [and] conducting classes on yoga for their community members. 58 For Omkarananda s students this is an optional extra. The impression I gained when interviewing one of them, Swami Vivekananda Ma (Val Davies), for this book was of a tradition that holds its members in a loose yet supportive embrace. They are encouraged, as was Satyananda, to find their own mission in life. They can choose the forms of practice that suit them best and progress to higher levels of sannyasa commitment at a speed that matches their lifestyle. Tips for a healthy lifestyle 2016.

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