Tibetan yoga 5 rites Rite 5

Namaskar and maybe that and welcome to an in your world Tibetan yoga Tibetan yoga includes five simple. But highly effective exercises known as the Tibetan rites the five debatin rights these practices are done normally by the Tibetan moth which make them fit and look and stay younger these practices activate the seven chakras in your body which in turn controls lot of the endocrine glands these practices activate or make the various systems in your body LD which includes the digestive system the circulatory system respiratory system the endocrine system.

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And the nervous system to build and write five a wonderful practice to improve the flexibility of your leg muscles. And your back it makes your body circle in a child it also helps you strengthen the joints of your body which includes the rest the elbows shoulders the hips the knees. And the ankles to do this practice the line down on the adramal with the past by the side of your chest. And some distance between your feet now inhaling you go up in such a way that only the bombs. And the tools are on the ground. And you’re having the backward bend.

So this will be the inhalation only the pants. And the toes of the ground the knees are up. And this will be the exhalation I am trying to touch the heel on the ground and pushing my foot crown of the head closer to the ground. So this will go continuously in this manner. And then there’s an laughs. And enjoy the effect of this practice on your body as a big no you can do the same practice slightly differently in hitting you go up Alexi drop the knees down go down lie down rain inhale exhale drop the knees down go and lie down. So once you practice like this then you can go for the faster one and that you do twenty-one times v practice you.

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