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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor Tibetan yoga Tibetan yoga includes five simple. But highly effective exercises known as the Tibetan rites the fighter bitten rights these practices are done normally by the Tibetan moth which make them fit and look and stay younger these practices activate the seven chakras in your body which in turn controls lot of the endocrine glands these practices activate or make the various systems in your body LD which includes the digestive system the circulatory system the respiratory system the endocrine system. And the nervous system Tibetan Drive through this practice will help you to doon the Adhan muscles improve the health of the abdominal organs. And also to activate the solar plexus chakra boy in this practice will be lying down on your back there are two movements happening at one go the first is taking that head up and second moment is taking the legs up we’ll be doing it with an inhalation and an exhalation you’re allowing both the extremities to go down. So this is how we do it relax and feel the effect on your body especially go abdomin just feel it. And then you can slowly sit up I mean like other dependent drives to do this 21 times with practice.

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