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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor Tibetan yoga Tibetan yoga includes five simple. But highly effective exercises known as the Tibetan rites the fighter bitten rights these practices are done normally by the Tibetan Mall which make them fit and look and stay younger these practices activate the seven chakras in your body which in turn controls lot of the endocrine glands these practices activate or make the various systems in your body LD which includes.

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The digestive system the circulatory system the respiratory system the endocrine system. And the nervous system to get in right well this practice will instantly energize you by throwing off the negative energy it balances your chakras and hormones it is said that it reverses the aging process in this practice you’re standing with the hands stretch at the shoulder level. And now you start moving round in such a way that, if a clock is kept under you to move in clock price the left is going towards the right side and so on in this the breathing is active and as you inhale deeply in and out you will achieve 21 circles. But the practice.

So In the beginning you can move for three circles to three rounds or five circles to three rounds and take it up to 21 with three four rounds. And then after a few days of Ubisoft practice. But you go for twenty land-surface together this is how you do it just feel the effect of just practice on your body there’s immediately a difference in energy level filled just rest for some time definitely we feel DeeDee I’ll just be there let the energy set it down.

And then you can go for the next ride.

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