“Whenever I see my colleagues drinking sugary soda, I have to resist calling them out on it! Sometimes I email them articles afterward to gently remind them how bad it is for their health. Sugary beverages are a leading cause of obesity, and obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for some gynecologic cancers, including uterine and ovarian cancers.


The heavier you are, the higher your risk—women with more body fat tend to have higher levels of the hormone estrogen. Beyond soda, reduce your intake of sugar, processed carbs, and animal-fat products. You don’t have to deprive yourself—just think of them as ‘sometimes foods.’ I’m a cheese lover, so I indulge in that sometimes, but not every day.

Preventing cancer isn’t about eating this magic food or that one. It’s about an overall pattern of healthy eating—making fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans the biggest part of your meals and choosing snacks under 200 calories that are packed with protein and unrefined carbs for energy. Eating every few hours is a good idea too: It fuels your metabolism, minimizing weight gain.” —Lois Ramondetta, M.D., professor in the department of gynecologic oncology and reproductive medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

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