The Strength From Within

Healthy bones keep you moving and standing tall; they also protect vital organs and store essential minerals. Whether you’re currently among the 10.2 million Americans affected by osteoporosis or you’re focused on prevention, make sure you’re doing enough for your bones, starting with these tips.

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Calcium is a must for building and maintaining strong bones, and vitamin D aids the body in calcium absorption. With winter approaching, play with your favorite comfort food recipes to maximize your intake of both. Remember, after menopause the body’s bone-building process slows down, so while you’re boosting the calcium you eat, schedule a routine checkup and discussion with your doctor for the start of the year.


Weight training works more than your muscles; lifting also helps build and maintain bone density. Aim for 15 to 30 minutes of curls, bench presses, triceps extensions, and dead lifts two to three times a week. For some women, if you have osteoporosis, it can help with fall risk. If you’re uncomfortable or unsure, consult a trainer or physical therapist for guidance, and if you’re recovering from a broken bone or if you have any other medical condition, speak to a physician.


Talk to your doctor about bone health concerns, including drugs you are taking that may increase your risk for osteoporosis or be damaging to bones with long-term use. If you have osteoporosis, especially if you’ve had a fracture, speak with your doctor and discuss prescription treatments that may help reduce your risk of fracture. Don’t forget to have your vision checked regularly; changes in eyesight make you more prone to falls.

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