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THE REWARDS OF YOGA are plenty, and they tend to change over time. At first, yoga’s benefits may seem strictly on the surface, like being able to touch your toes. Yet with time these benefits go much deeper. The more you practice yoga, the more you’ll notice the rewards in your life,


• A strong body, inside and out.

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The physical practice of yoga not only strengthens and stretches your muscles. It can also lead to a stronger heart, increased lung capacity, and a more fluid lymphatic system.

• A calm mind and reduced stress. Yoga and modalities such as breathing exercises and meditation help drown out the outside world and allow you to focus on the moment, letting other worries drift away.

• A sense of community. Any time you participate in a shared experience, you develop a common purpose with others, which provides a sense of belonging.

• Heightened concentration and clarity. The focus required to move through the poses becomes second nature over time and will lead to greater focus off the mat.

• Personal discovery. Using the poses, or asanas, as a tool to access the mind, yoga takes you on an emotional, physical, and spiritual path of self-discovery.

• Changing the world. Gandhi’s famous remark, “Be the change you wish to see in the world, ” is at the heart of yoga. A yogi feels at one with others and lives in a way that benefits others. A more peaceful, mindful you will radiate out to the people around you and the wider world.

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