I invite you to come to a comfortable seated position. You may choose to sit on a chair or on a meditation pillow. If you have yoga props such as a bolster and blankets feel free to prop yourself up. Close your eyes now. Take a deep, full breath in, turn the head to the left, and double exhale out like Ha, ha. Gently, bring your head back to the center and take a deep breath in. Bring your attention to your legs. Notice which part of your legs are in direct contact with the ground. It may be the sides of the feet, ankles, and part of your thigh. Bring your attention to your sit bones and feel the strong connection between the sit bones and the ground. Feel your spine growing taller from the sit bones all the way upwards to the ceiling. Keep your spine long throughout your meditation practice. Relax your fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Gently relax your jaw, face, and forehead. Choose an object that is very beautiful to you. This object can be anything: The Grand Canyon, a sunset, a flower, a photo, or any other object which is close to you. The object of beauty can be anything that evokes in you a feeling of beauty. Gently, focus on a point which is located right between the eyebrows and above the nose area. Visualize the object of beauty with your mind’s eye. Mentally feel it, touch it, sense it, and observe any aspects of it. Hold your awareness on the object of beauty. Once you notice that your awareness is drifted, gently guide your awareness back to the object of beauty. Now bring your awareness to any feelings, emotions, or sensations caused by the object. Become aware of the feelings within you, then the object which evoked the feeling. Take your time to dwell on the moments. Notice the pure feeling of beauty now that you’re holding within yourself. Enjoy the experience for a few moments. Gently start deepening the breaths. Start awakening your fingers and your toes. Once you’re ready, stretch your arms up and overhead and give yourself a nice stretch. Slowly start opening your eyes. Notice how you feel.


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