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Ten years ago, Roy Bergmann was an avid runner and a successful commercial banker. He also suffered with terrible back pain. He recalls those years as some of the most stressful in his life. “My days revolved around deadlines. The chiropractor I was seeing for back pain suggested yoga. Athletic, I opted for a more strenuous yoga style, which turned out to be fine. I practiced yoga religiously and became interested in health. Over time, I felt calmer inside, but outside my life was in unforeseen turmoil. I went through a divorce. My company merged and my job disappeared. I had the resources to stop and reflect on my life. Instead of looking for another job, I decided to follow what I really wanted to do create a business that incorporated yoga and health, a sanctuary where people could feel comfortable. Five years ago I opened The Mindful Body in San Francisco, California. It is not a health club, but it offers many different levels and styles of yoga classes, body work, meditation, and a place for workshops. I even added a small spa for people to use.”

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One of the main objectives of the Smart Guide to Yoga is not only to better prepare you to undertake a yoga practice, but to explain the myriad benefits yoga offers and the many ways that the science can be used to enrich one’s life.

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