The Hundred Pilates Exercise

The Hundred Pilates Exercise

In part because Jerzy had personal experience with a significant spine injury, I met with him and reviewed with him how a modified program might help me improve my physical functioning and help reduce my pain. Additionally, although my weight was in the normal range, my percentage of body fat was high and we both felt I could benefit from being leaner.

Due to my injuries, Jerzy was adamant that I not overdo my exercising; I had to agree to never do more than what he prescribed for me. Jerzy’s firsthand knowledge of rehabilita¬tion from a serious spine injury, and his holistic approach (exercise, proper nutrition, relaxation, and paying attention to your body’s reactions to all three) made more sense to me than what I had been doing. I have not experienced any injuries or setbacks due to the program.

What I have experienced is that The Happy Body works far better and takes less time than when I maintained a very high level of aerobic fitness. After a very cautious beginning,

I am now in the best shape I’ve been in since I wrestled 45 years ago. The Happy Body program has made an invaluable improvement in my physical well-being, fitness, physique, and joy in life!

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