The Best Food for Yoga

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The Best Food for Yoga

The show includes 150 stalls, as well as two cookery demo theatres, a Living Raw prep zone, 3 talk rooms, 2 cinemas, 2 workshops spaces, a kids area and a large performance stage, with many of the stalls providing free samples and tasters as well as produce at vastly reduced costs.

Admission to the event is £10 each day (£6 concessions, £2 Kids under 14) and tickets are available on the gate or in advance. For more information about VegestUK events see the websites

A Jewel in the Ocean Paradise found

Being in the moment is a sought after state of being, yet allusive for so many. From the lush exotic flora and fauna, through to the clear turquoise waters and silky white sands, paradise is suddenly before you, allowing the past to melt away, and the future to release as every sense is elevated to new heights. One could search worldwide for a place that allows you to remain in this wondrous state, and indeed I did. and finally I found my paradise island. The seamless blend of religion is unity manifest, and is clearly demonstrated with each person not only respecting each other’s religion, but also celebrating such alongside one another. Perhaps that accounts for the mysterious harmony that I have not seen elsewhere? The warmth, grace, humility, openness and genuine care of the people of Mauritius touches deeply, transforming a holiday into a treasured experience that stays within one long after you have left the island. Perhaps a ray of the optimism for life becomes internalised? Mauritius is indeed a beautiful island, offering such a vast array of activities from yoga, through to golf on breathtakingly scenic golf courses, quad biking in the Frederica nature reserve, magical sunset cruises, and many more wonderful experiences.

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The wonderful resorts and villa where I stayed enhanced my stay exponentially

Veranda Resort

Located on the north of the island, Veranda Resort radiates a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Some highlights include a partially outdoor restaurant, allowing the warm tropical air to flow and sunshine to warm you as you dine. The seamless design of the resort allows for optimum flow of experience, from dining in the water for breakfast, to healing experiences at the Seven Senses Spa, through to a nightlife that I could only previously envision. Somehow many of my dreams materialised upon the island of Mauritius. My room was at ground floor level, so I was able to open the French windows each morning and greet the day with an outdoor meditation facing the beach.

Heritaae air Resort

On south of the island of Mauritius, the exotic beaches and turquoise waters, with swaying palm trees invited me to experience the sublime tropical island life. Hentage Le Telfair Resort is a large beautiful colonial inspired resort that is full of charm, grace and elegance. Each room is spacious, and there are many choices available from a beach front room, to pool view, rooms with outdoor showers and other mynad of options. The Seven Senses Spa is spacious, relaxing and healing. I experienced one of the signature treatments of traditional Mauritian massage techniques that surpassed any massage I had experienced to date. I truly celebrated the fine dining at Annabel’s and Ginja, where my vegetarian requests were catered for with finesse. C Beach Club is walking distance, and offers a wonderful vibe for relaxed dining, dhnks on the beach, secluded pods for couples, and a monthly beach party that commences dunng the afternoon. From the mocktails (I prefer to avoid alcohol) through to the afternoon beach party, the chic turquoise and white decor, and the attentive staff. I began to wish I lived near the C Beach Club. Regular yoga classes are a highlight at Heritage La Telfair.

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