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Ten yoga poses on meditation) is equivalent to the external sacrifice, and that the mind is the cause of samsara (i.e. the world itself is not problematic; only a misunderstanding of and attachment to it cause problems). Again, this is very much in line with unorthodox (Buddhist, Jain, Samkhya etc.) ideas. Connections with other Upanisads of the Black Yajurveda are also maintained: four of the sheaths of the TU are mentioned at the beginning of v.38, and the person the size of a thumb who resides in the heart (Katha Upanisad and Svetasvatara Upanisad) is mentioned at the end. Ten yoga poses 2016.

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It contains potted histories of people and places in the Barking area of Essex, compiled by Mr Frogley, and was donated to the Essex Archaeological Society in 1939. The original is now kept at Valence House Museum and the East London Family History Society produced a digitized copy on CD. Record Societies were founded for the purpose of publishing editions of original documents and unavailable printed works and historical maps for each county in order to make them more accessible (see Resource Directory for contact details). Those published by the Cambridgeshire Records Society, for example, include documents relating to the history of the King’s School in Ely over six centuries; the accounts of the rector of Fowlmere from 1682 to 1710, which detail local corn prices, marketing, yields, the operation of open fields and farming practices; the nineteenth-century diaries of Joseph Romilly, a Fellow of Trinity College and Registrar of the University of Cambridge, and various manorial records for the county. Suffolk Records Society publications include the archives of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds; the journal of Frenchman Francois de la Rochefoucauld, reflecting on the year he spent based in Bury St Edmunds in 1784; various manorial court rolls; will abstracts and the casebook for the period 1839 to 1841 of a junior hospital doctor based at Suffolk General Hospital. The Consistory Court Depositions, 1499-1512 ; 1518-1530 published by the Norfolk Record Society gives an idea of the range of topics and information that can be gleaned through such publications. The 1520 deposition regarding the will of Thomas Craske of Sudbury in Suffolk is a good example.

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