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Ten yoga asanas on ) are not you. The true you is the simple and isolated witnessing consciousness (drastr; purusa). By contrast, for the humanistic yogin, whilst practice may begin on the yoga mat it does not end there. It extends into one s relationships with those with whom we have personal contact. And it also goes beyond that. Just as the brahma vihara meditations expand from the meditation practitioners themselves to the people they know and then beyond to humanity and all sentient creatures, so the efforts of the humanistic yogin expand into community, national and even international life, deploying humanistic values for the promotion of environments that support flourishing. The new, humanistic, yoga not only transforms traditional yoga by the infusion of a deeper and better knowledge of biomechanics and physiology,84 it also locates yoga practice within the wider social world and invites its practitioners to contribute not only to their own flourishing but also to the creation of a world in which all can flourish. Ten yoga asanas 2016.

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