Tadasana – Mountain Pose

It’s the first day of yoga class, and you walk in hesitantly. It’s practically a given that one of the first poses you learn will be Tadasana, also known as the Mountain Pose. It’s the basis for all the other poses after because it helps center your center of gravity and balance physically and emotionally. Therefore, as preparation for your journey into beginning to learn yoga and becoming a master yogi, it’s essential that you realize that fitted clothes are the way to go. Yoga pants are tight and cling for a reason. While you might be embarrassed and think that it looks inappropriate in the beginning, it’s ultimately worse in the end since many of the more advanced poses require a lot of movement. That means that baggy clothes have a high chance of gaping or slipping off, making fitted clothes a definite investment to consider.

The stretchy fit of leggings and some types of tights are also good choices to consider. However, realize that some may be slightly transparent and become translucent when you’re bending over in a pose. It’s always a good idea to try yoga clothes on prior to purchasing them for this reason, even if you know for sure that they’ll fit. You don’t have to buy expensive designer clothes either. It might not look like it, but yoga does count as a calorie-burning exercise. This means that you will sweat and your clothes will get a hard workout. You can easily buy suitable clothes from your local department store. While you shouldn’t get clothes that are too baggy, you also shouldn’t get clothes that are so tight that they cut off blood circulation or even limit it. Keep in mind that some clothes may stretch after a couple uses as well, so it can be difficult finding the right clothes at first. Now that you know what types of clothes will set you on the path to success to becoming a master yogi, you can begin learning your first pose. As stated before, Tadasana (the Mountain Pose) will serve as the basic pose in which you will heighten all your focus and attention onto the present moment. It’s quite an easy pose. All you have to do is stand with your feet loosely a shoulder width apart and your arms resting by your sides. Try to feel your feet pushing into the ground and lifting all the way up to the top of your head. Feel the energy pulsing and circling around throughout your body. Don’t slouch; make sure to keep your spine straight as you breathe. You can check this by standing against a wall when you first begin to ensure good posture in the pose. Focus on breathing easily. It might help if you close your eyes and focus only on the forces on your body. Begin with your feet pushing against the ground. Feel it rise from your legs to your body, down you arms, and out through the very top of your head.

Try to imagine it as a line of energy elongating throughout your entire self. If you don’t have that much time for a workout, it’s still a good idea to do Tadasanafor a couple of minutes before any more advanced starting poses. Otherwise, hold the position until you feel your thoughts calm, your heart rate slow down, and your breathing is easy and hypnotizing. You should become aware yet not of each body part. It’s difficult to explain, but your body will begin feeling heavy yet loose at the same time, and you become conscious of the loosening and tightening and amount of force required to move each muscle. Risks of the pose include low blood pressure and headaches if you hold the pose for too long. However, the pose is usually not risky at all for healthy individuals without preexisting medical problems such as diabetes and low blood sugar. It’s easy to create variations on this simple position in many different ways. For example, you could stretch your arms up instead of keeping them by your side with the palms facing towards each other. Interlace your fingers and then extend your arms in front of you. You could also instead cross your arms behind you back, and hold the opposing elbow with the opposing hand, holding and repeating each side for equal amounts of time.

Normally I prefer sticking to the normal position however, as I find that it helps me block out external thoughts and sink myself into a quiet focus on the present workout. This pose is less physically challenging than it is mentally. It’s easy to get distracted at first by stray thoughts, but the more you practice yoga, the easier and faster it becomes to sink into a meditative state through Tadasana. Don’t hold the pose for too long however. You want to be relaxed, but also mentally focused for the rest of the workout that will follow this introductory pose. Once your breathing is relaxed, slow, and easy, your mind is clear of external stresses, and you feel aware of every body part, you are ready to progress to the next pose.Tadasana Mountain Pose | Yoga Teachers Fellowship yogaposes8

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