What are the symptoms of fatty liver disease?

Unfortunately, fatty liver often shows no symptoms, especially when it is only a mild case. However, there will be some instances wherein you may feel more tired than usual and experience occasional pain in the area where your liver is located, which is on your right side just below your ribs. The discomfort is caused by the accumulation of fat in your liver, which enlarges it and stretches the delicate membrane that surrounds it. If fatty liver is not reversed, it may progress, which can permanently scar the liver and result in a condition called cirrhosis.

If it does develop into cirrhosis, you may notice the following symptoms:

Swollen abdomen

Scratchy skin

Vomiting blood

Passing blood

Getting confused easily

Having poor memory

Bruising easily

Weakness or fatigue

Yellowish skin

Yellowish eyes

The symptoms of fatty liver should be taken seriously, even though it has the ability to naturally heal itself. For you to understand why this disease can be dangerous, you need to learn about the functions the liver does. The liver is the one responsible for controlling and maintaining your metabolism. The liver has the responsibility to burn your fat and remove it from the your system. When your liver is in good condition, losing weight will never become a problem, but when it becomes a fatty liver, the process will reverse. Instead of burning fat, it stores it and as it becomes a storage space of fat, it slowly develops into other serious health conditions like obesity, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. These conditions should be treated immediately because if not, the liver will become permanently damaged, which will increase your risk of developing hepatitis or cirrhosis, which can cause death.

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