Sweet Mistake No More

Sure, your cup of coffee might be the only thing that gets you through those early wake-up calls, but it’s also the reason you can’t kick your sugar habit. Researchers from Cornell University recently discovered that when people drink ca? eine, their ability to taste sweetness decreases, which makes them crave it more. Always munch a munch with your latte? You don’t have to break up with your barista – instead, try one of these easy sugar-busting tweaks:

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WALK IT OFF: Researcher from the University of Exeter say that a 15-minute stroll is all it takes to curb your sweet tooth.

POWER UP: Munching on protein-rich foods (such as salmon, lean meat or legumes) will help stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep those pesky cravings at bay.

GET SOME SHUT-EYE: US scientists found that poor sleep can up your urge to eat junk food (like doughnuts), so hit the pillow early tonight.

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