Suryanamaskar Variation

A mascot I am David Earth welcome to island yoga Surya Namaskar VA shin 10 Surya Namaskar is a complete body workout to go in this Namaskar you’re standing in the Namaskar position the normal first step of Surya Namaskar take the Namaskar up and back. And come to the hip hinge position then the tabletop then go palms by the side of your feet then take one leg back present position now from here you’re doing it further back.

So you take the heel down catching the hands from behind and look upward a wonderful practice to strengthen your back muscles then come back lunge position from here only you go to the warrior position this especially for your legs then come back to the lunge position downward facing dog then the push up hold now hold this position for longer time say about 5 pounds for your hands 1 2 3 4 5 upward facing dog again downward facing dog vanish position one leg forward.

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I mean for your back so heel in the right end is going from up the left hand is going from forward this is for your back come back to the landing position the warrior calls for your legs come back to the lunge position move the legs forward then the tabletop a pinch hands up back to come back to the most guard position I just feel the difference in your body each position that you will be helping you to strengthen some particular part can maintain four five five counts and slowly build up to ten to fifteen counts just try it out and feel the difference in your arms. And your legs. And your back.

Suryanamaskar Variation

Namaskar I am David odde welcome to manland yoga Surya Namaskar variation 11 this variation in Surya Namaskar will help you to improve the flexibility of your arms of your legs and of your back so first you stand with the Namaskar inhale take the hands up then take the hands down and catch from behind take a deep breath in and exhaling move forward and stretch your hands this will improve the flexibility of your shoulders then after maintaining release take the pants by the side of your feet take one leg back tense the back knee on the ground push the feet inside let the knee come in front relax this is for your back as well as for your legs then come up back to the lunge position down cobra pose and cobra pose you’re bending both the legs this is for your back in Cobra down the facing dog in this you raise one leg up and push the heel of the other leg on the ground this is also strengthening your arms and making the leg muscles flex with them. And the other leg and down just. And the other leg comes forward take it in gain the moon’s position the legs back. And come out the variations are helping you to make the hats the legs. And the back more flexible let’s try it out and see the difference.

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