Suryanamaskar For Beginners Part

I’m a scar I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga movement Surya Namaskar variation to empower yoga there’s different variations of Surya Namaskar this is one of them in this the steps of Surya Namaskar remains the same as in traditional one for the beating is changed the breathing pattern is saved with the type of breathing is like you Jai prana and with you contract the throat muscle and make the sound from the throat the friction sound comes so when you breathe in this is the sound comes. And when you breathe out this is a sound with which will come once again so basically creating an obstacle for breathing so a normal breathing improves a lot. And your lung capacity also improves. So the steps are seem step 1 now inhaling I will be going into step 2. But with the wood I breathing exhaling down inhaler and see, if the breath is there you still exhale or else just wait for the next Boat then inhale. And then relax the special type of breathing in the SU Aramis car really makes your normal breathing very easy it also helps you to improve your lung capacity the health of your lungs and apart from this the normal benefits of Sweden immerse car of flexibility stamina or welding and many more.

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I’m a scar I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga day Namaskar variation three seroma scar is a complete body workout. And the variations in sue animus card helps you to improve the goal strength the flexibility stamina. And also tune your whole body to this variation in pseudonymous car you’re standing with the feet closer to each other and in the mask our position this is one then you take the number scar up and go into hip in position then tabletop then take the hands down and go into lunge position you come to the warrior position one where you do the Namaskar it will help you to strengthen the leg muscles make the back flexible the back leg flexible then come back to the lunge pose then downward facing dog then push up whole cobra pose again downward facing dog then the lunge pose again you repeat the warrior pose. And the first one the right leg was in front. And the second one the left leg is in front so both the legs get a good workout. And come back to the lunge pose for the legs in front table top hip hinge come out straight. And come back the Surya Namaskar starting position and relax this variation especially benefit your legs. Because the warrior pose improves the strength of the legs the strength of the leg joints as well as make the muscles flexible.

Suryanamaskar For Beginners

Thomas Carr I am David at welcome to island yoga Surya Namaskar variation for Surya Namaskar is a complete body workout and with the variation in swimmers car it helps you to improve your core strength a flexibility towards the muscle. And also improves your stamina this is a variation for in which you start with the Namaskar position and take the Namaskar our back go into hip hinge position then the tabletop then hands to the legs position then the lunge position from here you shift the heel down. And come to the warrior Age warrior two position look at the hand which is in front this will help you to strengthen the leg which is in front strengthen the joints of the leg which is in front and make the leg which is back flexibility from you go back to the lunge position the downward facing dog facing dog you go to the push-up then the upward facing then again downward facing dog then come back to the lunge pose this time the other leg is forward and do the warrior two pose this time the left leg is getting the strengthening effect. And the right leg is getting the flexibility effect so again come back to the lunge pose both the legs forward then the tabletop hip hinge trade in the legs. And come back to the Namaskar position the warrior pose helps you to improve the flexibility of your legs as well as to strengthen the muscles. And the joints of the legs.

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