Supine Twist Yoga Pose

Supine Twist Yoga Pose


Supine Yoga Poses calm the mind and relieve stress and anxiety along with strain and stiffness from the body. They’re a wonderful way to receive some of yoga’s greatest benefits. You can practice these as a yoga beginner, while recovering from illness or injury, or after any type of strenuous workout.

Supta Ardha Matsyendrasana

This simple reclined twist relieves tension in the lower back, sciatica, and shoulder and neck strain. Like other twists, it increases energy and is thought to stimulate digestion and elimination and calm the mind and nervous system.

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QUALITY Calming EFFECT Flexibility, relaxation, tranquility PROPS None GAZE Toward extended hand

1 Begin by lying on your back and hugging your knees to your chest. Take a few breaths here to allo\ your body to sink into the ground, releasing your lower back.

2 Keeping your knees together, press the outside of your right knee with your left hand to push both knees toward the ground on your left side, twisting as you exhale. Inhale to open your right arm wide out to the side in line with your right shoulder. Release your right ear toward the ground and gaze out past your right hand.

3 If your knees do not easily come to the ground, place a folded blanket or block under your left knet Try to keep both shoulders on the ground.

4 Stay here for 8 to 10 breaths, twisting and releasing deeper with each exhale.

5 Bring your knees back up together and hug them to your chest for a couple of breaths, before releasing your knees to the right and twisting to the left.

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