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Hi there this is Jenna right now thank you so much for joining me on my youtube blog jenna raynelle yoga for this sup yoga series so Dave today I’m gonna be teaching you just some of the basics to get you up and running and started doing paddleboard yoga it’s really accessible for anyone and everyone beginner is welcomed and encouraged to give it a try it’s a fun way to get out of your comfort zone get into nature and to really just go with the flow so first of all you’re gonna need a paddleboard my favorite brand to use is boga yoga boards and really they have a really beautiful board designed specifically for yoga the top is like a water wicking sweat wing wicking yoga mat. So It’s really optimal for doing lots of yoga out on the water however you can use almost any type of paddle board to do it I would recommend when you go to rent one or buy one is to look for one that is a little bit wider and a little bit flatter. And also feel out the texture of the different track pads. Because some of them can hurt your knees or you know cause a lot of indentations in your skin.

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So I would just check that out and maybe try out a few before you go and purchase one you’re obviously going to need a paddle. And then also a little 5 pound anchor. So these guys are really simple a lot of surf shops paddle board shops sell them this one is about 5 pounds I’m going to show you how to attach this today. So you see here it has a hook at the end and most paddleboards either have a place you can hook it on at the nose. And also the tail today I have mine attached to the tail I’ve threaded the back with just a small piece of string which I’m going to attach this hooks you. So It just opens like this. And then you can slide this piece down to lock it in place. And this string is about 15 feet long. So you don’t want to go much deeper than that I’d say try to stay in relatively shallow water so what I’m gonna do is take this hook. And just attach it to the back of my board right here on this string and, if you go to a class you might have a different system for anchoring or attaching your boards together. But this is the nice simple way to practice on your own. And then getting started paddling with your paddle you’re gonna want to have this hand one hands up here the other one’s gonna be come to about your waist. And then you want the paddle to face this way a lot of people start to paddle this way.

But you want to have the curve facing you. So that you get the most traction through the water with the least amount of effort and that’s how you’re gonna paddle. And then too when you go to practice your yoga either leave it on the edge of your board or mine has this elastic string at the top I sometimes thread it through there and those are just the basics of what you need the tools that you need in the equipment that you need to get started understand the paddleboard adventure. So, if you like this post please give it a thumbs up and let me know what else you would like to see when it comes to stand-up paddle boards and seeing the paddle board yoga thank you so much for reading please subscribe to this blog for more stand-up paddle board and yoga posts thank you so much you.

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