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I’m a scar I am David earth welcome to Anand yoga pseudonymous car variation 12 Surya Namaskar is a complete body workout. And this variation will help you especially for your back it is designed in such a way that you can improve the flexibility of your back apart from this benefit you can also get normal Surya Namaskar benefit that is improving the core strength improving your flexibility and stamina.

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So you take the first position which is normal and take the hands up and forward bend and down now now, if you can’t touch the palms on the ground this position is specially designed for you bend the legs place the palms or catch the toes or insert the palms, if you can easily touch the palms down. And then slowly pull yourself, if you can’t touch the palms on the graph to just insert the palms and try to straighten the legs next you take one leg back awkward take the heel on the ground take the other hand up a good stretch on your side this time the leg which is done the same hand is done then you change keep the other hand down twist yourself down come back to the lunge position with the legs back he’s down substantial down backward Bend you can have more distance bend the legs.

And enjoy a wonderful backward Bend now come in on facing dog now take the other leg forward same leg same hand then same leg opposite hand. And come back lunge position put the next forward, if the pumps are not touching again bend the legs insert the palms and straighten the legs take the head closer I must put up and back I’ll come out, if you see in this variation you’re added lateral bending we have added twisting and backward bending it will help you to improve the health of your back muscles and improve the flexibility of the back muscles. And your spine you.

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