Sun Salute B Explained in Detail Surya Namaskar B

Welcome to do yoga and welcome Fitness that next for joining us today. But look at Surya Namaskar B Surya Namaskar being the Sun suddently is the second step. So that we traditionally do in the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and in this system we’re doing pretty much the same as we do it since today except we’re adding the Warriors and we’re adding the boot-cut Asana Whitmer some people call chairs post Islamist they just simply standing yay come the first position there’s 17 of them in this one we’re going to bend the knees and inhale coming up whose cuts Asana way we’re gonna forward fold and bring the hands to the ground straighten the legs that everything drop down for trainee the third position were lengthening the spine looking a little forward while for Chitauri were stepping or jumping the feeds back into chaturanga dand Asana inhale we open up for punch at the 5th position and shut we go back to downward facing dog Sapta we’re in the right foot forward the left heel will go down and we’re going to come up to warrior one and known as feet up at Astana cop in warrior one we’re gonna get the hips as much as we can we’re forward and for all of us this is not possible. But work towards it we’re gonna keep pushed over as doubt as much as possible. And the gaze up towards they have traditionally this is one breath.

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But we’re learning. So we’re staying a little more keeping the ribs in. And the tailbone tucked down after we finished our foot inhale up we take an exhale and go back down to chaturanga same as the fourth position inhale we looked up. And we open up bright keeping a length in the spine. And the forehead relaxed. And then we go back into the downward facing dog got to do the second side. So the left foot will come forward the right heels and we’re gonna come up again to the warrior one another note on squaring the hips one thing that may make it easier for some of us is having that left foot more to the left, if instead of having Hyo inner arch you have more heel to heel or even a little wider. So, if you can’t Vanessa’s that that would’ve ooh yeah to the left it’s gonna be much easier to square the hip a little easier just stay balanced as well, if it’s possible the gaze goes up the ribs a little bit and or just.

And then again and exhaling we go back down to the chaturanga traditionally one breath inhale open up, if you need to take two breaths of course and exhale into the downward dog after we do the right side. And the left side this is where we go ahead and rest for five breaths right or breathe while we’re in a go ah slightly downward facing dog keeping space for our shoulder blades trying to external rotate the shoulders wrap them in towards the body once we’re done with our five frets we empty the breath we look between the hands either step or jump the feet to the front lengthen with our landing and exhale into uttan Asana forward fold bending the knees we come into the root attacks analysis and inhale. Because we’re opening up. And then back to standing samastitihi hands to the heart that’s pretty much it those are our 17 poses we’re gonna look at it again and I’ll try to mention a little Morgan inhale exhale gaze.

And some more names we’ve got one more time getting the Newseum this is an inhale the first position way exhale going into our second position tomasa trini inhale this is our third position ardha uttan Asana Chitauri stepping or jumping into our fourth position gaze forward try not to go too low with the shoulders inhale opening our fifth position ha-cha-cha our sixth position downward facing dog sucked up right foot forward step into position warrior one pashto eighth position going back down chaturanga Nava inhale opening of ninth position tenth position downward-facing time 11th position left foot forward right heel down slowly up to the warrior 12 position hands down going into chaturanga cannot go too low just to elbow high opening up 13 foot this position TRAI shop chuck dog the shot going back into downward-facing zone make sure you’re breathing, if it’s ever too fast take extra breaths it’s okay we’re going to go into our 15 position punch of the shock look between the hands that were jump forward lengthen and look forward and ensure the shock forward hold our 16 position is effects there summed up the shot 17 position bending the knees for Pat Asana and coming up to 70 that’s our Surya Namaskar beating heart Sun 70 and 17th position every time we open up or come up to warrior one upward dog or lifting to boots cat Asana always in the inhale every time we forward fold chaturanga it’s always in the exhale we always try to make sure that our shoulders in chaturanga don’t collapse too much can always use your knees right you don’t have to do the full chaturanga making sure the shoulders are back and breathing it’s a warm-up for most of us. So I’m taking it easy right some of us have it really easy. And just go right into it some of us need to modify as we go we’re gonna look at Surya Namaskar v1 last time this time we’re just gonna practice it. So you get the whole feeling of it you can join us whenever you’re ready here we go and girl for reading practicing see.

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