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Stretching yoga asanas on The guiding principle of the developmentalists is that we should look for the antecedents of all doctrines in the Vedic corpus before embarking on speculations about non-Vedic, possibly indigenous, religious tra- ditions being their source. The evidence for such traditions is largely inferential whereas the Vedic texts offer something concrete and explicit. Those who favour the Interaction Explanation will often acknowledge the continuities but nevertheless argue that they are not the whole story. Much, of course, depends upon dating. This is a highly controversial issue and is far from being conclusively resolved. Here I will simply offer some contextualization for the debate and offer an outline of my own thoughts on the matter. Until the 1920s, when Sir John Marshall discovered the remains of an ancient civilization in the Indus Valley of northwestern India, the dominant view was that various groups of people who called themselves Aryan (noble) migrated into India and gradually spread out in an easterly direction along the plain of the Ganga (Ganges). Stretching yoga asanas 2016.

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