Stretches and Exercises Yoga Poses to Improve Whole Body Balance

Hi it’s Neetu Singh from total yoga and Manish Pole today we are going to show you stretching balancing posture which we can you can enjoy with your partner and here we go. So we are going to do now that with a partner stretch which require certain amount of balanced strength you need to do this guidance of your proper yoga teacher or somebody should be there or you are practicing from last few years and big time trusts you require with your partner. And now you can balance here stay with this my I hope you really enjoy today post it was all about having fun with your partner so for next post for more posts please keep coming to yoga house thank you.

Stretches and Exercises Yoga Poses to Improve Whole Body Balance Photo Gallery

Strong Abs with Boat Poses Purna-Ardha Nav Asana Core Power Yoga

Sittings focus on or easy pose and watch separate read here now be ready for Pune nav Asana pulled both pose lift your leg and make it parallel to floor knee banded, if you feel comfort you make it straight take two blocks side to your body now you stay five to eight breath in Poona nav Asana keep your spine straight navel engaged and fix your gaze at big toes while exhale lower your body in Adana v Asana hop boat pose inhale again porno nav Asana XL cross your leg place pump on the block and lift body up exhale drop and again put nav Asana now ardha nav Asana all time makes your your chair should be lifted and is fine straight crossly slowly inhale and lift your body each day one prayer exhale again Puran aversion keep your mole under root lock engaged and abdominal lock engaged form to earth and again pole. So you may practice several round as comfort as possible when you finish shape relax exhale and bend forward or you made practice bridge pose as counter just be relaxed and relaxed.

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