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Stress meditation on Some of these false sannyasins are just in it for what they can get out of people.54 By their fruits shall ye know them! Genuine aspirants can now, therefore, take a sannyasa initiation that is appropriate for their situation and upgrade it, so to speak, as their life evolves. In 1956, Swami Satyananda, perhaps the most well-known of Sivananda s disciples, was told by his guru to find a mission for himself.55 Since then he has founded the International Yoga Fellowship (1962), the Bihar School of Yoga (1964), the Sivananda Math (1984) and the Yoga Research Foundation (1984). More than any other swami, he has been an advocate of admitting women into sannyasa. Indeed, as Swami Niranjananda points out, he claimed that one of the most important reasons for the success of his work was the introduction of female sannyasis into the movement. He did not mean that men are useless; they have their own place. Stress meditation 2016.

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