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I’d cycle to meetings or around Richmond Park and go paddle boarding in the mornings and evenings to relax (it’s really good tor the core). I also had training out on the water, on the River Crouch in Essex.’

The first day was a bit mad. After three hours, I realised I’d left my medicine in the fridge, so Kiko flies on the 250km ‘adi Rum Ultra in Jordan chance. I quit my job as a teacher and joined an overland trip from the UK to Cape Town,

South Africa. I got off in Uganda, learned to paddle board, did a bit of teaching and spent some time figuring out what to do next. I decided to set up a charity called The Big Stand, using paddle boarding to deliver education around the environment, personal development and building confidence.

I had to row back again! But mostly I was pretty excited. It was bloody windy, but Angus, who was doing my weather routing, said, “Oh, I think you’ll be alright – you’re crazy enough!” It was quite hairy but I’m very lacking in fear because I’m not really scared of dying. I know I’m going to go at some point, so I may as well go enjoying my life. for 10 days and there are people closer to me in space than on earth”. I was happy, even though I had nothing. In real life, we buy the best or most up-to-date things to make us happier, but we should be getting rid of things. If we live a simple life, when something less simple happens we think it’s amazing. We need time with nothing so we appreciate who we are and what makes us happy.’

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‘Don’t underestimate your ability. The human body is incredible. It’s all about mind over matter. Just decide what you’re going to do and then tell everyone! Find a way to make yourself accountable.’


‘I’m not a gym person and I wasn’t very fit -I’m just quite stubborn! I was given a plan to work towards two hours on, two hours off on a rowing machine, and a local gym called Fit 8 sponsored me with a personal trainer. I went along as I really fancied him! I’m very much about the journey, so I tried to integrate everything so it was more of a lifestyle than a doing so well”, when actually I was conked out. Mentally, that was a tough time.’

‘The best part was seeing the animals – you’re alone for ages and then you see a fish or dolphins or the odd whale. And I loved it when the sun was going down, thinking, “I’m in this 20ft boat, all alone, I haven’t seen a boat

‘Make sure you have a good reason for doing it.

If you have a purpose, then you’re going to stick at it.’

‘Finally, make sure you’re enjoying it. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re not doing something right.’


‘In May, I’m doing a 6,700km cycle around the UK coast called KIK Plastic. I’ll be cycling every day tor three months and stopping off at 90 beaches to clear plastic. I’ll have a tracker so people will be able to see where I am, cycle with me tor a stretch and help with the beach clean. We’re looking for ambassadors and sponsors, so it people want to get involved, the details are on I’ll also be posting on social media (@kikomaffhews), and I’d love people to follow. If really does make a difference when I know what I’m doing is having an impact. It’s all about community, so let’s support each other and help the environment.’

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