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Step by step yoga poses on Patanjali does advocate a practice called lsvara-pranidhana (contemplation on the lord), but Patanjal^s lord is simply a purusa who has never been involved with prakrti. Krsna, on the other hand, is god in the fullest sense: creator and controller of the world. In 6.10-15 he says: Let the disciplined man ever discipline Himself, abiding in a secret place, Solitary, restraining his thoughts and soul, Free from aspirations and without possessions. In a clean place establishing A steady seat for himself, That is neither too high nor too low, Covered with a cloth, a skin, and kusa-grass, There fixing the thought-organ on a single object, Restraining the activity of his mind and senses, Sitting on the seat, let him practise Discipline unto self-purification. Even body, head, and neck Holding motionless, (keeping himself) steady, Gazing at the tip of his own nose, And not looking in any direction, With tranquil soul, rid of fear, Abiding in the vow of chastity, Controlling the mind, his thoughts on Me, Let him sit disciplined, absorbed in Me. Thus ever disciplining himself, The man of discipline, with controlled mind, To peace that culminates in nirvana, And rests in Me, attains. Step by step yoga poses 2016.

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