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‘I don’t care about getting older. I’ve got three-baby wrinkly skin but I don’t really care. That’s the nice thing about getting older. As long as I’m happy with where I am, I don’t really give a sh* what anybody else thinks!

‘I do think this obsession with people’s weight is really unhealthy because, with younger people, it should never be about how much you weigh or tat or thin. It you’re happy with the skin you’re in and you’re health then tine. I don’t care what you look like or what size you are. I just want everyorto to live a healthier lite.

‘I love a wide waistband on my leggings, though, and F&F’s are very, very comfortable and very flattering. In fact, all of F&F’s designs are really modern and fresh. In the new range, there’s a fab burnt orange colour, and some leggings with great block colours. They’re amazing quality and I don’t see that in other high-street brands. The Explorer range is nice and thick for running in winter, with thermal technology. Some of the pieces are even waterresistant and reflective, too – amazing.’

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‘I love the musicality in Sarah’s [her trainer Sarah Gorman; @sarahblendfit workouts – I don’t notice I’m working out when I’m doing it in time to the music as I’m so focused every single second. Even her warm-up and cool-down are to the beat! She does barre and it feels so fresh and different, too. I have a love/hate relationship with Sarah’s HUT class – it’s so hard -there’s an awful lot of planking. But my arms and shoulders have never looked this good. My number one love, though, is Faye’s F.l.T Jam ( [Davina shows me a video on her Insta where she’s shaking her stuff in a class next to a friend]. Look, I got 1.5M views on this one – that’s joy for you, right there!’


‘I love it – it’s a way of finding your tribe, whether you’re gay, an activist, a feminist… My agent said to me about two years ago that your Insta should sum you up as a person. If an alien were to drop out of space, they should be able to tell exactly who you are from your Insta page. So I changed how I used it because I want to get people motivated and help them feel better about everything: about their lives, their bodies, their mental health. People say it looks like I work out all the time, but I don’t want my kids and stuff on social media. I want to inspire people to be the best they can be because I get that from other people and I love it. I love @fearnecotton, @angelascanlon, @fitfenji (my cousin), @fayes_fitness, @sarahblendfit, @realkellyholmes1500 – she’s amazing… These people work out and do stuff and I think, “Bloody hell, they’ve done it”. So if I can do that for anybody, that would be a really nice thing.’

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