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Start doing yoga on they had no proficiency in the jhanas and lacked the knowledge about the nature of samsara that three-and six-knowledge arahats possessed.41 Consequently, the status of arahats came to be disputed, and for many Buddhists arahatship became a goal that was considerably inferior to that of Buddha-hood. Eventually, the idea that arahats could fall away from liberation took hold in many parts of the Buddhist world, and this paved the way for what came to be known as the Mahayana (Great Vehicle), which rejected the goal of arahatship and sought Buddhahood for all. The name employed by Mahayanists for aspirants to this lofty goal was bodhisattva (awakening being), the term used by earlier Buddhist tradition to refer to the Buddha before he came to be enlightened. The origins of Mahayana Buddhism are somewhat obscure and a subject of considerable controversy among those who study the Buddhist tradition. Here I shall simply explain why a once popular account of how the Mahayana arose is untenable and outline what seem to me to be the essentials of more recent thinking on the matter. Sometime around 150 years after the death of the Buddha, perhaps during the early years of Asoka s reign, the Buddhist Sangha held a council at Pataliputra. Start doing yoga 2016.

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