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Standard yoga poses on This nature is determined by the gunas (the three constituents of prakrti). Sankara, according to Zaehner, explains that Brahmans originate from Goodness [sattva guna], princes (and warriors) from Passion [rajas guna] mixed with Goodness, peasants and artisans from Passion mixed with Darkness [tamas guna], serfs from Darkness with a small admixture of Passion. 10 A person s nature determines the kind of spirituality to which he or she is attracted: Men of Goodness worship the gods, Men of Passion sprites and ogres, To ghosts and the hordes of goblins others, The folk of Darkness, pay worship. (17.2) This inherent nature also expresses itself through action. So, Calm, (self-) control, austerities, purity, Patience, and uprightness, Theoretical and practical knowledge, and religious faith, Are the natural-born actions of brahmans. Heroism, majesty, firmness, skill, And not fleeing in battle also, Generosity, and lordly nature, Are the natural-born actions of warriors. Standard yoga poses 2016.


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Standard yoga poses


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