Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Yoga Tips Tricks for Getting Started Jenna Raynell Yoga

Hi there this is jena raynee of jena raynee yoga thank you for joining me on my sup yoga series so today I’m just going to be giving you some of my tips and tricks for getting started doing some yoga poses and yoga classes on the water so what you need to know is that the very very center of your board is where your handle is. So that is where you’re going to feel the most stable. And the most centered.

Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Yoga Tips Tricks for Getting Started Jenna Raynell Yoga Photo Gallery

So, if you ever want to venture into some grandeur postures such as head stands or arm balances you really want to have all of your weight right around the center of your board another great tip is that a lot of the yoga poses that are relatively easy on land are going to be much more challenging on the water so take it slow start really nice and low with your center of gravity down towards the board and gradually work your way up to stand you’re going to spend a lot more time on your hands and knees then you would in a normal yoga class on land or in a studio. So just remember that it’s okay to move a lot lot slower when you’re first starting out and even as we continue to practice. Because your center of gravity is going to be very very different than when you’re on land or in a studio and finally you’re going to want your stance to be a little bit wider overall.

Because you want to spread out the weight evenly through your board so downward facing dog you might even want to step their hands a little bit wider your feet a little bit wider. And just notice that through a lot of your poses you might not be able to stand in Tad Asana with your feet together you might have to stand hip distance apart so overall keep the weight evenly distributed across the board. And just step your feet a little bit wider your arms a little bit wider and that make everything a whole lot easier I hope that you liked these tips and tricks please give a thumbs up, if you did leave me a comment of what else you’d like to know to get you started on your sub feel good journey my name is Jenna right now please subscribe to my blog and I hope this yield another post thank you.

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