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Not everyone is lucky enough to have people they can team up with face-to-face to celebrate their spirituality and learn from each other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from this spiritual phenomenon. Jayne Flintoff from Wakefield, West Yorkshire found her spiritual tribe online by joining American-based spiritual life coach and author Brian Piergrossi’s Big Glow Community on Facebook, which empowers people to overcome fear and anxiety by living a more spiritual life.

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‘Before joining the group, I felt very isolated,’ says Jayne. ‘I am a spiritual person and wanted to connect with kindred spirits but I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks so I wasn’t leaving the house much. ‘The Big Glow Community has helped me to realise that I am the creator of my own thoughts and has helped me to be more positive and mindful. I’ve made friends with a couple of ladies in America through the group and we support each other,’ she says. The group’s a lifeline for me and is like having a group of spiritual mentors on tap.’

We worship the moon and then go back to our normal lives’ Writer Lizzy Denning was delighted to discover a monthly Moon Group – where women connect to lunar energy – at her local wellbeing centre in Peterborough. ‘I wanted to go to the Moon Group to be in a nurturing environment with other women,’ says Lizzy, 31. ‘My mum was ill and I hadn’t been taking good care of myself so I craved some time to reflect on my own needs. With the chance to take part in group meditations and talk and share experiences it sounded very healing.’ After attending her first session, Lizzy was hooked. ‘Each month there’s a different theme such as awakening the sacred woman within, or invoking Aphrodite.

Usually there are about 15 of us in the group and the age range is 20-70. Sharlene, the group leader, anoints us with a blend of essential oils and then we each light a tea-light to signify that our circle is open. We all hug to break the ice and bring everyone together. ‘Each month we do a guided group meditation to connect with the moon’s feminine energy. We also do rituals involving drinking water which has been left out in moonlight to ‘charge’ and dance in a circle. ‘I can see why the experience might be out of some people’s comfort zone because you are required to be instantly very open. But for me that one day a month is a special and sacred time, the chance to come together with other women in a spirit of openness and spirituality before we all go back to our normal lives.’

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