Snake Yoga Pose

Snake Yoga Pose

Spend a little time resting in savasana. Lay on your back with your arms and legs extended and relaxed. Become aware of all sensations experienced and allow yourself to experience the warm energy of the heart centre. As you do this, picture yourself protected by a bubble of white light. Remain here for as long as feels necessary.

A quick technique to help tame an active mind Prior to your yoga practice spend a moment just watching the mind and its activity. At no time should you engage in any thoughts or react to them. Just become an observer. Observe the activity of your mind. Notice the complexity of thought and how at times it can be a ruler of our actions and emotions and sometimes this may cause suffering.

As time passes remind yourself not to engage with the activity of the mind. Just watch the thoughts entering and leaving the mind. By allowing the thoughts to just pass through the mind mental activity will reduce. This will bring awareness to how unnecessarily busy the mind usually is.

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Enjoy discovering your mind and learning to tame it a little (if required). This will help to connect you with your feelings and encourage you to trust your instincts.

Take time to let go of the ramblings of the mind and focus on the energy of the heart centre. Always practise within the safety of your yoga mat first.

This is a wonderful posture to open the heart centre. It will also release blockages in the energy zones and allow prana to flow freely bringing vitality and vibrancy.

Begin standing with the feet leg length apart. Start with the outside edges of the feet parallel, then turn the left foot in a little and the right foot out. Lift the arms out to the side so that they are level with the shoulders. Inhale and shift the rib cage to the right, and as you exhale drop the right hand down to the right shin or foot whilst extending the left arm straight up. Look to the left hand.

Spread the fingers on the left hand and feel that the hand is being pulled straight up. As you do this become aware of the connection between your feet and the floor so that you remain grounded as you extend the left hand upwards.

Once you are comfortable in the posture focus on the sensations that you experience physically and emotionally. After a while bring your focus to the centre of your chest and allow yourself to let go of thinking and enjoy the experience.

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