Slow-Cook Your Meals

Effortless, easy and healthy – what’s not to love about slow-cooked food? If that’s not enough to have you popping veggies into the pot, the aroma as you walk through the door at the end of a long day will leave you craving these tasty meals.

Slow-Cook Your Meals Photo Gallery

Using a slow-cooker can help to reduce your shopping bills, too, as you can use cheaper meat once the fat has been cut off, such as pork and lamb shoulders, beef brisket or chicken thighs that will become just as tender as more expensive cuts.

Slow-cooking is one of the healthiest ways to cook meat – when it is seared over a high heat instead, the protein and fat interact with the heat to form compounds that diminish nutritional content. For a really tasty dish, simply add lamb shoulder to a slow-cooker with garlic, olives, red wine and capers. Slow-cooking is also an easy way of making the most of nutrient-rich frozen veg which, believe it or not, can retain more goodness than their fresh counterparts.

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