Sleep relaxation technique

1. After programming yourself for sleep lie in bed and work your way into a relaxed muscle state. (Particularly useful is Day One, Group 2 Routine 1 on page 62.)

2. Now switch to pendulum breathing (Day Two, pages 21 to 27) and breathe four regular in and out breaths. Then pause for a breath’s duration (count 1,2, 3, 4).

3. After this, repeat the process with only three in and out pendulum breaths and pause again for one breath’s duration.

4. Reduce now to two breaths and pause, and then a single breath and pause.

The pendulum and pause seems to make all the difference between producing the relaxation response (in which sleep is neither desired nor welcome) and a self-hypnotic condition in which sleep soon follows. This sleep-breathing technique can be used effectively by frequent wakers and those whose sleep is disturbed by other things – for example painful or irritable conditions, bladder problems, and so on. Early wakers

(provided their doctor has excluded a psychiatric problem e.g. depression) can also benefit from this sleep relaxation technique.

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