Sitting Side Bend – Parivrttta Janu Sirsasana

Sitting Side BendParivrttta Janu Sirsasana

Main Benefit – Opens the side of the body where the gallbladder meridian travels as well as opening the liver meridian on the inside of the legs.

1. Bring the left leg straight out to about 45 degrees and the right knee bent with right foot into inner left thigh.

2. Then bring both arms up above the head, draw the belly in and then start to drift the arms and torso over to left leg slightly twisting the torso.

3. Bring the left arm down to the left eg, or floor, wherever it works for you and continue to let the top right arm drift, towards the left leg.


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You can look out to the side or if the neck is ok and you can keep your chest open, try looking up underneath the top arm.

5. Keep your belly slightly drawn in with this pose.

6. Use your exhalation breath to soften into the pose and the inhalation breath to lengthen.

7. Stay for at least a few good, deep breaths, close your eyes if you like.

8. To come out simply draw your torso back towards centre and rest the arms.

9. Repeat to the other side.

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