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Sitting meditation on If this were the case, the status of the text might be diminished in the eyes of many Indian students, though many Westerners would probably take that possibility as further evidence of Krishnamacharya s creative contribution to the development of yoga. In favour of the view that the Yogarahasya was a product of Krishnamacharya s own (probably subconscious) mind is the likelihood, or lack of it, that the spirits of deceased persons exist in a form that enables them to communicate any kind of information (and particularly detailed, innovative information) to another person living hundreds of years after their demise though this is, of course, a common belief among people of mediumistic persuasion such as channellers.22 There are also teachings in the Yogarahasya that link specifically with Krishnamacharya s own life and times. N.E. Sjoman has argued that there is no continuous tradition of [asana] practice that can be traced back to the texts on yoga,23 and that therefore many of the asanas, pranayamas and principles of movement taught by Krishnamacharya were created by him. Some asanas he had been taught by Sri Narasimha Bharati Swamigalavaroo of the Advaita Vedanta Math at Sringeri;24 others, suggests Sjoman, he developed from positions and movements used in exercise halls (vyayamasala), especially by wrestlers. Sitting meditation 2016.

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