Sitali Pranayama Cooling Breath

Welcome to the road yoga everybody today we will look at a pranaam a practice called satelli pranayama it’s a cooling practice it’s done by breathing through the mouth through the folded tongue it’s a system that you know Yogi’s like my yoga teacher would say Yogi’s didn’t have air conditioning back in the day they had to use their own bodies.

So I’ll show you first the basic variation. And then I’ll show you a modification. So we rolled the tongue we hold with the tongue like so. And then we breathe through the tongue. So the tongue is moist there’s saliva on it as the air goes in. And it cools down it’s a huge huge inhale and once we reach the top we can either release it or I like to take a little come back a little hold the breath retention. So I hold it on the top for just a few moments sometimes even a count of 10 seconds. And then I release take a breath relaxation. And then do another round. And you can do two three or more rounds I like to do about three rounds.

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But you can do as much as you want for some of us this holding of the tongue does not work I it’s a genetic thing don’t worry this one doesn’t really come with practice, if that’s the case you have to thumb you have to roll it back like this. And then it’s a different pranayama. But it still works it’s a little harder to breathe through. Because the tongue is kind of in the way. But you’ll still get the cooling effect so cheap Cuddy chronic pranayama, if you fold the tongue or roll it in like that okay let me show you one round. And then we’ll see how we continue. So I’m going to exhale completely radicals and growing the tannin inhaling second bolt really sex hell breath just to enjoy the place.

So I’ll show it again in a second again remember you can either do this or this at the top of the inhale, if it doesn’t feel comfortable for you to not do any kumbaya especially, if you’re pregnant skip it. But otherwise you can still do the cooling practice it’s wonderful I’ve had students that we’re doing this in the middle of practice when they were overheating or getting some hot flashes that. So let’s do it one more time maybe they’ll do just the slightly longer hold at the top that came back at the retention I do I do with gel and our Atlanta with chuckin with tucking the chin towards the throat the throat lock it just helps the energy kind of retain there nice breath of pleasure that’s it so practice this again you can practice this to balance the kapalabhati there’s a post out there about that you can check it out you can practice this on its own just when it’s a cool day. And you want to do it I find myself sometimes doing some variation of this while driving when it’s hot outside anytime is part of your sequence it usually would come after the kapalabhati or at the end of your practice of the pranayama and do it again two three times any time of the day I do my run in the morning. But you can choose and that’s it um do you have any other questions just leave them down below at the comments and I’ll try to answer them soon thanks a lot see you soon.

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