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Simple yoga on 1. So, why is the karma-samsara-moksa frame untenable? One major reason is that there is very little evidence to support it. The existence of a law of karma is what philosopher Karl Potter calls a presupposition, it is assumed to exist rather than being shown to exist.7 No Indian yogic text that I know of seeks to answer the question of how we know whether there is a law of karma. Most simply assert that there is. The closest thing I have found to the provision of grounds for believing that a law of karma exists comes in one of the accounts of the Buddha s enlightenment where he describes the second of the knowledges he acquired: Thus with mind concentrated, purified, cleansed, spotless, with the defilements gone, supple, dexterous, firm and impassible, I directed my mind to the passing away and rebirth of beings. With divine, purified, superhuman vision I saw beings passing away and being reborn, low and high, of good and bad colour, in happy or miserable existences according to their karma. Simple yoga 2016.

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